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  • Move as One

  • Japanese reggae and dub outfit Riverside Rockers is full of international members. They are releasing their first EP, “Move As One”, here through Boom One Records. This EP includes their debut single “Sun and Earth”, which was featured on Beatport’s reggae/dub page. In addition to “Sun and Earth”, this EP includes songs such as “Beware of Vampires” which features classic smooth sounding B3 organ lines and bubbles, and “Well A Dry”, an old school rock steady dub tune utilizing classic early reggae instrumentation and feel.

  • Tracklist

    01. Another Skank
    02. Dreamy Daze
    03. Chicken Pot Skank
    04. Burdock Root
    05. Moonlight Dub feat. Key MC
    06. Duppy Skank