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  • International Dubsters Vol. 1

  • Boom One Records presents: International Dubsters Volume 1 is the first dub compilation assembled by Boom One Records. The release includes some of the best dub music has to offer from across the globe, from Far East to Far West. Nations represented include the UK, USA, Jamaica, Japan, Mexico, France, Germany, Canada, Czech Republic, Russia, Zimbabwe, Italy, Switzerland, and Tobique First Nation. Dubs from the likes of Boom One Sounds System, Piper Street Sound, Riverside Rockers, Lord Tooth, Mr. Mambutu, Semtam, Phil Harmony, and many more! These International Dubsters have held nothing back with these versions. The compilation moves from classic dub to Steppers and forward to Dubtronica.

  • Tracklist

    1. B. Davis "Hustler's Melodica Rock"
    2. Jim the Boss "Soundsystem King"
    3. Riverside Rockers "Sun and Earth"
    4. Lord Tooth "Mount Pleasant"
    5. Mr. Mambutu "Invisible Power"
    6. Phil Harmony "Capital City Dub"
    7. BDLabs "Brutte Riddim Dub"